Where In The World Has One Giggle At A Time Been?

Hello Friends! Happy Summer! I am so sorry I have been MIA lately. So many friends have asked where I have been. Well...

Early in the spring I came down with a virus. No big deal right? Well, that is what I thought, but apparently that virus took a HUGE LIKING to me and my body and decided to attach itself to the lining of my heart. This caused a painful and exhausting illness called Pericarditis which left me with inflammation around my heart, and in my lung,  and down and out for 3 months! Yep! Three months without my students, three months without my classroom, three months without doing what I love to do! 
But, we all made it through! My sub was AWESOME, my first grade team was AMAZING, my administrator was FABULOUS, the parents were WONDERFUL, and my students were OUTSTANDING! This all made it much easier to rest and recuperate. (Notice I said easier...not enjoyable!)

(My firsties sent lots of cards, gifts, and pictures to help keep my spirits up. I am particularly fond of this one from Salvatore, because I think he got our pictures EXACTLY right!

In addition to my own recuperation, my son who lives and breathes ALL things sports started his baseball season. About his second game into the season, he pitched his BEST GAME EVER!
Then got into the car holding his elbow and said to us, "Wow. My elbow really hurts. Something might be wrong." #wompwomp
Have you ever heard of  "Little League Elbow'? Well, now you have. It occurs when there is overuse of the elbow from a repetitive motion (i.e. pitching and throwing). The growth plate in his elbow is still open and is basically fractured. Good news...with rest and physical therapy there should be no permanent damage done. Bad news...you try telling that to a 14 year old!
And, while all this was going on...my oldest son was finishing his Senior year of high school. Yes. I now have a full time college student for a son. I could not be prouder of all he has accomplished or of  the fantastic young man he has become. He is one of my best friends and I am enjoying this part of his journey.

So, that is where I have been lately. I promise I am coming back to you all. I promise I have lots of great teaching tips, ideas and fun to share... I just needed to step away for awhile...
Life was happening!

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