Pencil Sharpener Love!

The perfect pencil sharpener for little hands in the classroom!

   Happy Summer Friends! I want to tell you about this FAB pencil sharpener that I am LOVING right now! I think it is going to change pencil sharpening for good in my classroom! It is from a cute little company called Classroom Friendly Supplies. (Now I have not research the size of this company, so I am using the term "little" loosely. They may very well be a HUGE- GINORMOUS company...but nonetheless, in my opinion, they are still "cute".)
     I have however, researched their pencil sharpeners, and I am in LOVE, for many reasons! First of all...THEY COME IN DIFFERENT COLORS PEOPLE!!!!! FOR REAL!!! LOOK!

     Is it just me, or did that picture just make your teacher heart do a little happy dance? But it isn't just about the color! This pencil sharpener is
1. lightweight
2. portable (or, you can secure it to make it stationary if you want to)
3. quiet
4. easy to use
It also...holds the pencil still for you while you sharpen, and stops sharpening automatically when the pencil is sharp...perfect tip every time!

     Hello!? When was the last time you heard all those words used to describe A PENCIL SHARPENER?! But it is true! Another plus...You can purchase one that accommodates fat pencils too! (teacher heart happy dance again!)
Here's a video of me using this FAB sharpener. (Let's pretend that I purposely show the difficult decision making process we all must go through before sharpening a pencil... of figuring out which end to put in the sharpener...Kinda like a built in safety tip!)

Now this is one of my firsties using the sharpener for the first time. Pretty easy for the first try, don't you think? (And she is a tiny bugger too!)

So here is my plan...These sharpeners are super affordable, and I really hate the time wasted sharpening pencils. Yes, I know all about having it be someone's job...tried it...hated it. I know about having someone do it at the end of the day...tried it...hated it. I know about having them sharpen when they come in first thing. Tried it...Hated it.
I am going to purchase one sharpener for each table! (Multiple colors of course!) The sharpener fits perfectly into the table baskets. I will still designate sharpening friendly times (i.e. before morning meeting, restroom time, choice time, not while I or anyone else is speaking time, etc.), and I will still keep the electric sharpener for when "mass" sharpenings need done. What do you think? I think it can work.  

Oh, by the way, here is one more reason to love this "little" company called Classroom Friendly Supplies.....

Peace Out!

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