A Holiday Reminder Of Why We Do What We Do!

     Happy Holiday Friends! I hope you are finding time to relax, rejuvenate, and rejoice in all that is beautiful in your lives! I have to share with you all something that happened to me over the holidays which completely validated for me that every ounce of energy I put into my classroom and my students is worth it.
     I was sitting at home on Christmas Eve morning with my husband enjoying my morning coffee and binge watching NETFLIX, when I got a text message from a parent. Attached to the text was a picture of a child-written note to Santa. The note was difficult to make out, but then again, when it was written it had been meant for Santa's eyes only, not to be photographed by mom and then sent as an attachment to the teacher. So, mom explained in the text what the letter was all about...

     The text read... I had to share with you this letter that we found rolled up with our elf on the shelf last night! Ben asked for the few things that he wanted but then added that he wanted a picture of Mrs. Romo!!! Merry Christmas!!!

OK!!!!! CUE THE TEARS!!!! Friends...This is not a child that hangs all over me every day, constantly sitting right up front, trying to hold my hand...and this is not a child who I am on top of all day long to get him to do what he needs to do. This is a quiet, well behaved, doing-what-he-needs to be doing child. The every day, come to school, hoping to learn and have a good day child. The child who observes your triumphs and your errors, your best days and your worst days, and loves you anyway. The kind of child who knows what it really takes to keep a room full of firsties afloat day in and day out, because he watches, he listens, he processes. For this child to make such a request to Santa, means the absolute world to me. The ultimate proof, in my opinion, that my job performance is right on target. 
Needless to say, Santa came through for Ben this Christmas...
and Ben came through for me!

As you go back to school after the holidays, keep your eyes peeled for your Ben. I promise, he or she will be quietly watching, taking in all that you do, and recognizing your amazing ability to do it so well! 

(Elf on the Shelf pictures contributed by my dear friend Emily from Polka Dots Please.)

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  1. He sound like a sweetie! What a wonderful thing to ask Santa for! :) Hope you are enjoying your time off as well.



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