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     I am very excited to be linking up with Ashley from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd and Angie from Lucky Little Learners for the JUNE 2nd version of their #2GETHERWEAREBETTER LINKY PARTY! This month's Linky Party is all about Home Office Space...
 After looking at some of the GORGEOUS offices featured in this Linky Party, including my sweet friend Ashley's from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd, I was hesistant to blog about my "living room chair"...but Ashley's answer to that was..."You blog about that chair girl!" 
(2gether wearebetter right?) So, welcome to my office...

 This is my favorite place to work, right in the middle of all the action! I can put my feet up, watch the tv if I want to...usually I want to, and if there isn't a Law and Order SVU marathon on...I can get
lots done!

This is where I keep all my blogging and TPT stuff! (Just picked these organizers up at Hobby Lobby and they are my new favorite things!)
This is my printer...we have a love/hate relationship. Much of my productivity depends on HER plans for the day! (Ssshh...don't let her know, but I am looking to end our relationship!)
I don't do all my work in my "office" though. I am a girl that travels to work. I also work on the front porch, in the yard, at the kitchen table, or wherever the sun is shining! Many evenings I can be found in my traveling office at the baseball fields watching my son practice!
Flexibility is a necessity when you are a teacher, blogger, mom, TPTer, wife, daughter, friend! Have a great week and enjoy reading about all these great home office spaces!


  1. Your "office" makes me smile because it is much like mine. My "stuff" is housed in a Thirty-One tote and pulled out when I need office supplies. I love my recliner office though!


    1. Funny isn't it Amanda! Just as functional as the big fancy ones...and it doesn't even seem awkward when we sleep in ours! :)

  2. I hate working in an actual office, so it was nice seeing you post about your "office". It's just like mine! Working around other people and a TV playing in the background are two things that keep me comfortable and able to work through the day. Nice to see someone else is the same way about setting up a workspace.

    Derrick George @ ZZone31


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