Smart Beads For The Win!

Are you looking for a fun, cheap, and easy idea for positive reinforcement to use in your classroom? Your students will love earning smart bead rewards!

     Hello Friends! Thanks for stopping by! I have a short little post for you today all about a really fun and inexpensive way that I motivate/celebrate my students and the hard work they do each day! I call them Smart Beads, and they are a HOT COMMODITY in my classroom!
     I have to stop here for a moment to share that this is one of the EXACT reasons why I LOVE teaching first grade... I can go to the Dollar Store and buy 4 "cheapo" plastic bead necklaces for $1.00, and rename them Smart Beads, and suddenly they are worth more than The Hope Diamond! #firstiesarethebest #firstieswillchangeyourlife
     Anyway, my students know that they can earn Smart Beads in my classroom by using their best Brain Building Behaviors in class and providing SUPER SMART answers during classroom instruction. So Smart Beads become a WIN-WIN for everyone involved! I win, because my students are focused and paying attention (well...most of the students...these aren't MAGIC beads after all), and they are participating in the lessons. They win, because they get to show off their smarts in front of their classmates, and get to wear VALUABLE, SHINY, BLING around their necks for the rest of the day!
Are you looking for a fun, cheap, and easy idea for positive reinforcement to use in your classroom? Your students will love earning smart bead rewards!

     Along with the beads, the student also gets a certificate to take home explaining all about their reason for being celebrated in class. If the beads become a distraction, then I have the student put the beads on my desk so that they can still see the beads, and they still have the certificate to show they received recognition.

     If you think this is something you would like to try in your classroom, hit your favorite Dollar Store or Party Store and stock up on some BLING! I have added a link to the  Smart Bead Award Certificate below. Just copy onto colored paper.

                              Click HERE for your SMART BEAD AWARD FREEBIE!
Are you looking for a fun, cheap, and easy idea for positive reinforcement to use in your classroom? Your students will love earning smart bead rewards!

     The Brain Building Behaviors I refer to in my classroom are just another way of saying "whole body listening". I do repeated readings of the social story Smart Students Use Brain Building Behavior and I hang Brain Building Behavior Posters in the classroom for reference. The story explains the importance of paying close attention in class so that your brain can take in all of the important information. You can find this product in my TPT store HERE.

Get your students to listen using their whole brain and whole body with these brain building behaviors. This social story teaches students all about the importance of paying attention!

     I would love to know what you do in your classroom to motivate/celebrate your students hard work each day. Also, if you decide to spring for the BLING and try Smart Beads in your classroom, I would love to hear about it!
     My dear friend Emily over at Polka Dots Please uses beads in a slightly different way in her classroom. Hop over to her blog to read all about the fun way she is motivating her students with BLING!


  1. What a great and CHEAP idea! I love it!
    Do you give them out at the beginning of the day or whenever the students need it? When they display Brain Building Behavior, you give them out?

    Also, do they keep the beads, or just wear them and return at the end of the day? I'm full of questions! Hahaha

    Thanks for the fun post! I have a TON of these lying around my house and would love to put them to good use (and clean up my daughters' rooms...)
    ~ Leila

  2. Hi Leila,
    I give them out whenever a student gives a really smart answer during a lesson... and I mean like the kind of answer where you go "wow!" So it could be at any time during the day. Then they turn the beads back in to me at the end of the day and I trade them for a Mega Fuzzy. (I use the Warm Fuzzy system for positive behavior throughout the day. That idea came from Mel D. at Seusstastic.) I am so glad you now have a use for all those beads!!! xxoo

  3. You deserve smart beads for this awesome idea! You will never stop inspiring me!


  4. Thank you friend! Right back at you! xxoo

  5. This is so much fun! I know my students would get into this. I like it focused on the behavior of learning rather than just "good" classroom behavior. Thanks for sharing! Hope you are having a great week. :)


  6. I love this!! Smart beads are coming to my classroom Monday!! What's a mega fuzzy?

  7. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea with us! I am so doing this with my kinder eaglets!


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